Linda GorhamWhat makes me unique?

  • Creative: My folktales are “Updated with Attitude!”
  • Exciting: My stories are lively, interactive, and downright funny. 
  • Experienced: You can count on new stories each time I visit your venue.
  • International: I tour nationally year-round and have told in South Africa, Athens and Egypt.
  • Appropriate: I believe a good story only works when told the right way, with the right vocabulary, and at the right time.


One of my most cherished quotes is, “Mrs. Gorham is better than recess!” It’s fair to say, at least from that second grader’s point of view, my storytelling programs are original, unique and loaded with energy.


And as a fifth grader (Jared Bryson) once told his mother after arriving at one of my library programs, “If I had known the storyteller was going to be Linda Gorham, I wouldn't have whined all the way to the library.”


The feedback I get from my audiences is affirming and inspires me to continue to pursue storytelling as a career.



Hire me and get a committed, exciting partner for your program needs.

  • Connection: Even with 1200 people in the audience (my largest to date), storytelling can be an intimate and engaging experience.
  • Inspiration: My audiences find meaning and insight in my stories; my “Teaching without Preaching” messages are powerful.
  • Education: Many of my stories focus on important character traits such as respect, caring and responsibility. I also have many stories that recount historical events and highlight important people in African American history.
  • Stimulation: My stories inspire dialogue, discussion, and sometimes even debate.
  • Jubilation: Stories help me spread a bit of joy and happiness – there is so much power in words!


For me, every job is a partnership. You can depend on me to be sensitive to your objectives and to work with you to plan programs that meet your goals. But although my repertoire continues to grow each year and I enjoy taking on new challenges, I won't hesitate to turn down offers that don’t suit me or my style of storytelling. If that happens, perhaps I can suggest other storytellers to you.


On the business side, you can depend on me to respond quickly to your requests and to ensure you receive contracts and materials in a timely manner. I am grateful for my thirteen years of experience in the corporate world. It gave me good training for running my storytelling business.